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By: BCNumismatics

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By: kaija

Tuesday 14 March 2023
Mar 14
Someone attacked out site. They were able to get into our coin database and delete all of the information for each coin save for the photos.

Most of the coins on the website have had their data restored except for the most 100 or so recent coins. I kept regular database backups of the site in case something like this happened. Currently, I found an older copy and used it as I felt that was better than nothing. When I can find a more recent backup, I will restore the data for the remaining coins.

As the creator of CoinBrag, I'm sad that it has been so long since I was able to work on this site. A lot has changed and the majority of my time has been devoted to growing, Nerd Imports. I do still have many partially finished files for this website that I was never able to implement. Now that I have more disposable income, I would love to hire out some more help to get this site up and running again (while still keeping it free for all to access). I feel like I've said this many times in the past though so I have no timeline on when this will happen but I have not forgotten about this project and I thank all who have contributed.

In the meantime, I am going to disable the files used to add coins to the database so hopefully our site will not be as easily compromised this time.


written by Nicholas

Thursday 13 November 2014
Nov 13
Over the last two months we've had thousands of spam bots joining CoinBrag and spamming our forums with thousands of garbage posts. For a time, I was able to manually remove the bad posts and ban the users but that takes time, time I could spent doing more useful things.

Over the years we've had a number of periods where the spam bots have picked up their activity and I've done what I could to keep the site free of spam. I have a plan that should be a 99.9% fix if not 100% and I hope it implement it before 2015.

For the 1535 CoinBraggers we already have, it is business as usual. You should be able to update prices, add coins and photos.

If you have not joined the website yet, you should still be able to access our database and view our forums. We also have a facebook page here: CoinBrag on Facebook. You can message us there should you need to.

Speaking of Facebook, a while back I had looked into the possibility of users being able to join/sign in to CoinBrag using their Facebook accounts. I've used this feature on a few websites myself and I must say it is much nicer than having to remember usernames, passwords and e-mails for 500 different websites. Since we're going to be tweaking the signup process now, I see no reason not to look into Facebook login as an option for us while we're at it. For those already signed up, there will either be a way to synchronize your Facebook to your existing account, or I might have to manually do it. I think it will be worth it if it can be done right.

written by Nicholas

Monday 14 July 2014
Jul 14
So today I was identifying a few of our unidentified coins. As I was adding and choosing "South Africa" from the list, I noticed "South African Republic" was underneath. As I'm not a numismatic master, I wondered what the difference was. Was it the name of the previous regime or something else? I continued adding coins and when I stumbled onto one with the initials, "Z.A.R." I thought I should hop onto Google and see what that was. It turns out it was the answer to my question! ZAR is the South African Republic and Wikipedia has a detailed article covering the shortly lived nation. The short answer is the ZAR was an attempt by some Dutch and Afrikaans speaking peoples to cecede from the British Empire which was in control of a large portion of the area. Two wars later and the ZAR was reintegrated back into the Unions of South Africa which eventually becomes the South Africa we know today.

At the moment we only have 6 coins from the South African Republic. I thought I'd share the coin that started my early morning quest for knowledge:

The 1896 six-pence coin is 92.5% silver but it's a small coin so the actual weight is .084 ounces. I'm a fan of 100+ year old coins that I can snag in good condition for under $10. eBay has a few available here and you can also see the recent sold prices here. There are also other denominations from ZAR

Editor's Note: You might be wondering why it is "ZAR" instead of "SAR." The reason is because ZAR is the abbreviation for Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek, the Dutch spelling.

written by Nicholas

Thursday 13 February 2014
Feb 13

I just read an article in January 2014 issue of Coin World that discussed the history of the Kennedy Half Dollar. They spoke about the abundance of the coin. In fact, the mint had planned to mint 91 million halves in 1964 but because so many Americans were hording them, they minted another 50 million for a total of 141 million.

One of the people in the article say that there's not very many of these coins graded and also that Heritage Auctions has "only" sold about 11,000 of them out of their 2 million total coins sold since 1993.

Well of course not many people have sent Kennedy halves to be graded as grading costs money and these coins are not rare and 50 years old at best. When I browse Heritage auctions, I don't usually see the 3 for $5 coins I find at flea markets. It's the [3.7 million dollar nickel] among others that end up on the auction block.

Another quoted individual says that in the next 10 years, the value of the Kennedy halves will surely go up. Well I can't argue that there will be inflation and in 10 years, virtually everything will be higher in cost than it is now. However, with so many coins and so many horded in great conditions, I don't see how their values will rise. Especially with no new half designs on the horizon.

The photo I used was posted by double mike and you can view the coin's datasheet here.

written by Nicholas

Friday 24 January 2014
Jan 24
For the past couple months I have been pretty busy keeping the eBay store running during the holiday season. January also means doing an inventory check to make sure I have what I claim I have for sale. Now that the bulk of that is over with I can turn my attention to my passion projects, like CoinBrag.

In October we were getting hit pretty badly by spammers. It was taking a lot of time to delete them and they were signing up with new accounts almost as fast as I could ban them. Well now, thanks to the folks at, we have a new ally in the war on spam. From now on whenever someone registers for CoinBrag, we check to make sure they are not a known spammer. SFS is updated daily so although it won't stop all of the spam, it should prevent the bulk of it. Cross your fingers!

In the meantime I've still got a few things to tweak on CoinBrag. Once that is done, I would like to tinker with a few new additions to the site that I'd been planning.

written by Nicholas

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