Sunday 14 September 2008
Sep 14
I've made some changes to the Pricing sheets of CoinBrag. I put all of the averages together in a table to make finding the important information faster.

More importantly, I've added "CBV" values to the website.

What are CBVs?
CBV stands for "CoinBrag Value". I've been collecting data to create a unique price guide for coins listed in the CoinBrag database. I will explain more about CBV in the future.

The important thing about CBV is that the value is NOT calculated in with any of the values that the CoinBrag community has submitted. I was determined to keep these values separate. CBV exists purely as an extra bit of pricing information.

written by Nicholas

Sunday 17 August 2008
Aug 17

Coin of the Month July 2008 Coin of the Month July 2008
Continent: Asia
Country: Georgia
Denomination: 1 Thetri
Year: 1998
Georgia is a country located in Southwest Asia. It is probably most well known to the western world for being part of the former Soviet Union and was the birth place of Joseph Stalin. Although Georgia declared it's independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, it was not until 1993 that the country was able to mint it's own currency, the Lari. Lari are divided into 100 Thetri. The symbol on the obverse of the thetri coin is called a Borjgali. The spiral represents the sun and beneath it is the tree of life. The borjgali symbolizes past, present and future and has strong meaning in Georgia.
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[Submitted by Nicholas]

written by Nicholas

Monday 14 July 2008
Jul 14

Coin of the Month July 2008 Coin of the Month July 2008
Continent: North America
Country: United States
Denomination: 1 Dollar
Year: 1998
Maui Trade Dollars have been issued annually since 1992. The coins are minted on behalf of Maui's Chamber of Commerce to raise money for charity. Various local businesses in Maui will accept these trade dollars as currency. The phrase "Maui No Ka Oi" means "Maui is the best."
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[Submitted by Nicholas]

written by Nicholas

Friday 27 June 2008
Nicholas of for President 2008!
Friday 27 June 2008 - 23:48:38

A news clip of my candidacy for president of the USA.

Monday 23 June 2008
Jun 23
On the main menu to the left is a link Browse Recent Coins.  This new feature allows you to browse through all of the coins pictures submitted to's database.  The order is by most recent pictures submitted. 

When you submit new pictures they will show up at the beginning of the gallery!

[Submitted by Nicholas]

written by Nicholas

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