World Currency Conversion Table - USD Converted

Coinbrag World Currency Conversion Table - USD Converted
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This data was provided by OANDA, The Currency Site: Foreign Exchange Services and Trading

The values of a country's currency changes daily in comparison to other country's currency. There is an entire market of investors that trade money speculating on these variations in value. This market is known as the Foreign Exchange (FOREX or FX). More money is traded daily on the Foreign Exchange than it is on the stock markets. Since there are exchanges all over the world, the FOREX market is never closed. With this in mind, the above chart is virtually out dated 15 minutes after it's been posted. At least if you are an investor. For coin collectors looking for a ball park value, the above chart should suffice nicely.

The chart is broken down into country, and then 2 conversions. The first conversion shows how many of that country's currency equal the value of one U.S. dollar(USD). The second conversion shows how valuable a country's money is in comparison to the USD. For example, Australia. With one USD, you could exchange it for 1 Australian Dollar (AUD) plus 13 Australian cents. You could also exchange one AUD for 88 U.S. cents.

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