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As of 04/04/2010:

I will be adding the ability to browse all coins by a specified year. This will be helpful if you are dealing with a foreign coin and cannot identify country or denomination but you know the year. It may also be fun to be able to browse by year simply to see the spirit of the times among the different mints. I will also be doing the same for denominations.

You can also expect to see more information on each coin's page including mint totals, names of artists, an explanation of what you see on the obverse and reverse, and coin materials (e.g. 90% silver, 10% copper)

I still plan to create a portable script that will allow CoinBrag's coin prices to be used on eBay and other websites as a reference.

Check out What's new @ and The Announcements on the forum and see what we've added in the last few days.

Suggestions are still welcome! Thanks for reading! Thanks!