Official Contests

Current Contests:

#3 Coin of the Month Contest - Prize: A bag of 50 different world coins including one that is at least 100 years old.

The contest is simple. Find a coin. Add a front/back picture to the coin database. Write up a short history about the coin, the country the coin is from, and/or about the people/things on the coin (100-500 words). If I use your submission then you win.

Update to answer a few questions: The coin can be any denomination from any country. I'd prefer not to use a country that I have used in the past. Visit the Coin of the Month Archive to see previous coins selected.

#4 Post a Coin Video - Prize: A bag of 10 different world coins.

For details visit the contest thread in the forum. I'll pick one person at random to win.

#5 Add a price to the coin price guide - Prize: .

This contest is going to be very easy to win. I just acquired a bank roll of the new 2 Euro Cent coins from Cyprus. I put one aside for my collection and 4 others are reserved. The remaining 45 are FREE to the first 45 people who add a value to the price guide in our database. Contest ends when I run out of coins! [Original article].