What is Coinbrag.com?

CoinBrag.com is a database of coins from all over the world and covering hundreds of years of numismatic history. The database is maintained entirely by coin collecting enthusiasts.

CoinBrag's goal is to provide information on every coin that has been minted as well as those that will be minted in the future. This information includes:

The average price bought
The average price sold
A photo of the obverse and reverse sides of the coin


Some people might wonder why there is a need for a coin database like ours. After all, you can purchase price guides at your local book store. But consider the cost of those books! For just a book on U.S. coins you are probably going to pay $12-20. If you are interested in a good price guide on world coins you're going to end up forking out $65 for a good price guide--and most likely that book only covers coins from one century! If you want to know prices of coins from the 1600s to current, you're looking at $300 in books! Wow! And every year they make new editions.

With Coinbrag.com the coin prices are updated as often as the braggers list them. As the years pass we will be able to track the price changes of coins like trends on the stock market!

We strive to be accurate! If you find information here you believe to be wrong, please let us know! Slap the editor/slave.

CoinBrag.com needs your help! This site endeavors to be the greatest tool for coin collectors. The database of coins cannot be completed by one person alone. It will take the work of the entire community of collectors. The database is FREE for all to access and will always remain free for all!

Become a CoinBragger!Find a great deal on a coin? Did you make a killing selling off your coins? BRAG AWAY! Our database needs your numbers. Why buy a price guide ever again when you can find the going rate of coins right here for free?

Don't have pictures and don't feel like bragging? That's ok! You can still use our database to your heart's content.

The Coinbrag.com database of world coins is FREE for all and will always be FREE!