Rules For Adding to the Database

Rules for the coin database

Rules For Adding to the Database


1. Do not add anything to the database unless you are 100% sure it is accurate information. For example:
B. All coin denominations are listed in the singular form. This means a coin valued at 10 cents is listed as a 10-cent piece.
C. Year is the year the coin was minted using Gregorian/Julian(A.D.) calendar years. This means if you have a Moroccan coin dated AH 1371 you would list the year as 1952. You can convert AH dates with our AD to AH converter
D. Coins without a date usually have ways of being dated. For instance, the 1/12 shilling coin from Jersey in 1954 has no date. Similar coins should be entered with the date minted. Get help identifying your coin's date
E. Variation/Features should be used ONLY if the coin is different from a similar coin already listed in the database. This means if you have a 2005 1-cent coin from the USA, don't put "Lincoln" as a feature, because all 2005 1-cent coins have Lincoln on them. However if your 2005 1-cent coin is an error coin, then the error would be it's feature. Colorized coins would be considered a variation as well.
2. When adding pricing. Do not tamper with pricing. This website strives to be an accurate resource for collectors throughout the global community--not so a person can trick others into believing a coin is more valuable. Possible causes for banning regarding coin prices:
  • A. If you spam pricing, example: You post 8 reports saying that you sold a 1982 US Penny for $1.00 all in one day. If you do sell 8 in one day, post once and add a comment stating you sold 8 at this price.
  • B. Unrealistic prices: You claim you sold a coin for $50,000,000 while all other posters have sold theirs for under $.25. If you really did buy/sell a coin for a lot more than listed, you were probably dealing with a rare variant which means you're on the wrong coin page. If there isn't a similar coin with features listed then add it to the database.
4. When choosing coin grades please refer to Our Coin Grading Guide to understand the system used on CoinBrag.
5. When buying or selling coins on the internet, you should include the cost of shipping and handling.


1. The pictures should be pictures you took yourself. Do not take picture from other websites unless you have permission to do so.

2. Make certain you are putting the front/back obverse/reverse in the right places. Get help identifying your coin in the forums

3. Picture files should be SMALLER than 60kb in size. Pictures should be in J-PEG format.

4. In many cases one side of a coin is identical to others such as a USA 1988 nickel and a USA 1989 nickel. Both nickels have an identical reverse side of the coin. Using the same reverse picture would be permissible. It would NOT be permissible to use the obverse picture of a 1988 nickel and a 1989 nickel as the dates are different and therefore it is not the same picture. Pictures should be a 100% exact match.

5. You may submit pictures with watermarks as long as the watermark does not ruin the quality of your submission. For instance a large, dark, bold-faced font across the diameter of a coin takes away from the benefit of the coin's picture. A faded web address near the bottom or a small icon in the corner is acceptable.


If you have found a case of someone breaking the rules, please send a message letting me know. Preserve Quality!

Last Updated: February 17, 2010