Wednesday 13 November 2013
Nov 13
Great news! Coin Photos can now be entered into the database.

As some of you are already aware, I've got a store on eBay that keeps me pretty busy. With it being the holiday season, the store becomes more demanding. I will continue getting this site back to where it was though the biggest hurdles were done.

We're still getting a few spam bots that are signing up for the site but it's not nearly as bad as it was before I updated the site (we were getting 3,000 new spam bots joining per day). Hopefully the spam will stay as low as it is and then all of this upgrading will have been worth it!

Thank you again to all who've joined and contributed to the site as well as to those who continue to spread the word about CoinBrag. This site would not exist without your help!

P.S. there's been too many maintenance news posts! We need some coin articles and I have a couple yet to be published so expect that in the next few days.

written by Nicholas

Sunday 10 November 2013
Nov 10
So the good news is we can once again add coins and prices to the database. Unfortunately, its not possible to upload photos just yet. I'm hoping to have that fixed as soon as possible. From there, the other issues should be minor and easily fixed.

written by Nicholas

Friday 08 November 2013
Nov 08
Well we're now on the new server. There were some technical delays with the new server but it's working fine now. I haven't tested all of CoinBrag's features yet but I'll be doing that over the next day or two. Some things might not look 100% as they were right now but they should all be good by the end of this weekend.

I do apologize for the extended downtime of the site. I had not expected us to be down for a week. Luckily every coin, photo and post was saved.

UPDATE: It looks like at the moment it's not possible to add coins or prices to the site. I'll get this working ASAP stay tuned...

written by Nicholas

Thursday 31 October 2013
Oct 31
CoinBrag will likely be down for the next day or two. Our current hosts software doesn't seem to like modern programming code. So I need to work to get things integrated or find a new place to have CoinBrag hosted.

Hopefully I'll have this fixed by the weekend.

Update for 11/05/13: We are dealing with FTP connection issues via the new host. I am working with tech support to get this resolved as soon as possible.

written by Nicholas

Monday 28 October 2013
Oct 28
Over the next few days I will be upgrading our forums and member area. We're seen too many spam bots so it's time to upgrade the script. Unfortunately, some of the code I've written for CoinBrag doesn't flow perfectly with the new forum, news and member sign ups. So I'm looking at ways to do it right. If we were a multi-billion dollar website, I could just put it up half-assed but since it's a one man operation I actually have to make sure the website works! :)

In the meantime, please bare with me if the site is not 100% functional. If the site doesn't load at all then that means I'm tinkering and it should be back up in a couple of hours.

UPDATE 10/29/2013: So far it looks like the compatibility issues were easier for me to fix than expected. I'm going to do some testing before I roll it out so hopefully in the next day or two, CoinBrag will be better than ever. In the process of learning how to make the code work, I've learned a few new tricks that I can apply to CoinBrag to make it a bit cooler too!

written by Nicholas

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