Sunday 05 June 2011
Jun 05
Starting today and continuing until June 30, you can improve CoinBrag and win Free Coins!

Brag Til' You Drop
Simple. Earn the most bragger tokens by June 30. This does NOT mean you have to have the highest total, just the highest gain for the month. Earn bragger tokens by adding coins, photos and prices to the database. Earn more bragger tokens by adding terms to our glossary and adding links to websites of coin mints not already listed on our list of world coin mints.

Random Drawing
Between now and June 30, add a price for a coin you have bought or sold. Specify whether it was online or offline. Earn 2 bragger tokens and be entered for a chance to win free coins. Even if you only add 1 price for 1 coin, you still have a chance to win! For those who add more than one price, your chances will be improved. To add a price, look up the coin in our database, there is a link called, "Add A Price For This Coin."

Prizes will be announced after the contest. Winners will be able to pick from a number of different options including mint sets, proof sets, mystery bags and possibly others! The more people participating will mean the better the prizes given out.

As always, prizes will be shipped at no charge to the winners and the contests are open to anyone who's joined CoinBrag and is living on Earth!

written by Nicholas

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