Tuesday 14 March 2023
Mar 14
Someone attacked out site. They were able to get into our coin database and delete all of the information for each coin save for the photos.

Most of the coins on the website have had their data restored except for the most 100 or so recent coins. I kept regular database backups of the site in case something like this happened. Currently, I found an older copy and used it as I felt that was better than nothing. When I can find a more recent backup, I will restore the data for the remaining coins.

As the creator of CoinBrag, I'm sad that it has been so long since I was able to work on this site. A lot has changed and the majority of my time has been devoted to growing, Nerd Imports. I do still have many partially finished files for this website that I was never able to implement. Now that I have more disposable income, I would love to hire out some more help to get this site up and running again (while still keeping it free for all to access). I feel like I've said this many times in the past though so I have no timeline on when this will happen but I have not forgotten about this project and I thank all who have contributed.

In the meantime, I am going to disable the files used to add coins to the database so hopefully our site will not be as easily compromised this time.


written by Nicholas

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