Thursday 13 November 2014
Nov 13
Over the last two months we've had thousands of spam bots joining CoinBrag and spamming our forums with thousands of garbage posts. For a time, I was able to manually remove the bad posts and ban the users but that takes time, time I could spent doing more useful things.

Over the years we've had a number of periods where the spam bots have picked up their activity and I've done what I could to keep the site free of spam. I have a plan that should be a 99.9% fix if not 100% and I hope it implement it before 2015.

For the 1535 CoinBraggers we already have, it is business as usual. You should be able to update prices, add coins and photos.

If you have not joined the website yet, you should still be able to access our database and view our forums. We also have a facebook page here: CoinBrag on Facebook. You can message us there should you need to.

Speaking of Facebook, a while back I had looked into the possibility of users being able to join/sign in to CoinBrag using their Facebook accounts. I've used this feature on a few websites myself and I must say it is much nicer than having to remember usernames, passwords and e-mails for 500 different websites. Since we're going to be tweaking the signup process now, I see no reason not to look into Facebook login as an option for us while we're at it. For those already signed up, there will either be a way to synchronize your Facebook to your existing account, or I might have to manually do it. I think it will be worth it if it can be done right.

written by Nicholas

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