Saturday 17 December 2011
Dec 17
Free 2009 2 Euro Cent Coin from Cyprus ObverseFree 2009 2 Euro Cent Coin from Cyprus Reverse

This contest is simple. Have you ever bought or sold a coin? Find that coin in our database and tell us how much you bought or sold it for.

It' s that easy! If you are not already a Coinbragger, Join Free Today. The next step is to pick a coin from your collection that you have either bought or sold in the last year. Find that coin in our database and then add a price. When you are done, post a message on the forum in This thread here.

Free coin, free shipping and handling. It's that easy! Everyone from anywhere in the world is eligible to participate.

This contest was started in 2010 and after almost 2 years I still have 30 free coins to give away. Why not claim one for yourself?

written by Nicholas

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Current Coins in Circulation Among the Republic of India
Monday 15 April 2013 - 14:56:14

Here's a fairly large article covering India's modern coins. Starting with the fading 50 paise coins to the 10 rupee.