Wednesday 13 July 2011
Jul 13
There were two contests: The first was titled, "Brag till you drop" and the goal was to have the largest gain in bragger tokens. The winner started the month with just 76 bragger tokens but ended the month with 1579. Congratulations EgCollector!

Our second contest was the random drawing. To enter all you had to do was add a value to our database indicating whether you had bought or sold a coin and for how much. There were 24 new prices added to CoinBrag and when I rolled a 24-sided computer generated die, EgCollector's entry won! Congratulations again!

Thank you everyone else who participated in the contest. Every entry helped build this website into a more useful resource for coin collectors.

There will be more contests soon so keep on collecting and bragging! :)

written by Nicholas

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Current Coins in Circulation Among the Republic of India
Monday 15 April 2013 - 14:56:14

Here's a fairly large article covering India's modern coins. Starting with the fading 50 paise coins to the 10 rupee.