Thursday 05 December 2013
Dec 05
Our coin glossary is back up and running. You should be able to add new terms and search for existing words without troubles.

I also added a new numismatic term, spiked head. What is a spiked head you ask? Michael Coulson from the Facebook group, Coin Seekers, explained it to me as, "A Spiked head is a crack going from the rim of the coin into the skull. There are hundreds of them. Some are very radical. I collect them." Below is a photo I got from Michael of a 1952 Horned Head which is pretty neat:

As of right now there's 131 listings for Coins with spikes on eBay and the prices range from just a couple of dollars for a spiked Roosevelt dime to thousands of dollars for some half cents dating back to the early 19th century.

Special thanks to double mike for bringing the Coin Seekers group to my attention! I've been getting to see some pretty cool coins and there are some very knowledgeable members there.

written by Nicholas

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