Thursday 19 June 2008
Jun 19
I've made 2 significant changes to the price sheets of all the coins in the database.

The first change was the linking tool. Every coin has the html code you would need to copy and paste onto an auction page and/or a website. This allows you to use our pricing information as a reference tool. Here's a sample of what the link would look like: shows an average value in all conditions of $8.21 for this coin. Click for details

For those with web design knowledge, you are welcome to customize that link to suit your needs.'

What can this do for me? Well if you are selling a coin you can use our pricing as a reference for those who may not know the value of the coin. Since anyone can insert pricing, you can add your pricing to the coin database on and you have a 3rd reference to help sell your coins! Any potential customer can click the link you provide and verify the value of the coin according to our price guide. Your customers will know that any fraudulent values would be removed from the site. It's a win-win situation!

The other change to the pricing is the addition of eBay gallery pictures to the bottom of the pricing pages. Based on the coin info of each page, eBay searches their coin section for similar coins. The auctions shown are from sellers anywhere in the world and most likely not If you are an eBay seller and you add a coin into Coinbrag that you happen to have for sale, it's very possible it will show up on Coinbrag's eBay gallery search!

More changes coming!

[Submitted by Nicholas]

written by Nicholas

Thursday 05 June 2008
Jun 05
Some of you may have noticed that a week ago I added coin blogs from to the Coinbrag website. They are on the bottom right part of the website under "Headlines."

Susan Headley writes the articles for and I think she has some interesting topics. One was regarding the ethics of buying. You can read the original article here: Coin Dealer Ethics - Out-Of-Date Prices. I felt compelled to comment, so I did.

What was really cool is that yesterday, Susan wrote a follow up article and even pointed out my comments in her article. I commented under the name "Coin Database." You can check that out here: Coin Dealer Ethics Follow-Up: Out-of-Date Prices.

If you haven't checked out before, you should. I first started visiting about 10 years ago. They have grown a lot. I don't get paid anything for suggesting them to you. You may like what you see.
[Submitted by Nicholas]

written by Nicholas

Tuesday 03 June 2008
Jun 03
The first contest was to see who could earn 500 bragger tokens. WE HAVE A WINNER! Congratulations to Dragonspirit12. He'll be receiving a bag of 50 world coins pretty soon.

Be sure to check the contest page for the next contest.

Thanks to everyone else who has participated so far. Every picture, price and listing helps out!

written by Nicholas

Sunday 01 June 2008
Jun 01

Coin of the Month June 2008 Coin of the Month June 2008
Continent: Europe
Country: Hungary
Denomination: 3000 Forint
Year: 2000
The man on this coin is Gábor Dénes (1900-1979), a Hungarian and inventor of the hologram. He was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize in 1971 for his holography work.
More Info
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written by Nicholas

Wednesday 14 May 2008
May 14
In an effort to help make Coinbrag the biggest online coin database on the planet, I'm giving away bags of coins!

Want details? Check out the FREE WORLD COINS page.
[Submitted by Nicholas]

written by Nicholas

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