Jan 24
For the past couple months I have been pretty busy keeping the eBay store running during the holiday season. January also means doing an inventory check to make sure I have what I claim I have for sale. Now that the bulk of that is over with I can turn my attention to my passion projects, like CoinBrag.

In October we were getting hit pretty badly by spammers. It was taking a lot of time to delete them and they were signing up with new accounts almost as fast as I could ban them. Well now, thanks to the folks at Stopforumspam.com, we have a new ally in the war on spam. From now on whenever someone registers for CoinBrag, we check to make sure they are not a known spammer. SFS is updated daily so although it won't stop all of the spam, it should prevent the bulk of it. Cross your fingers!

In the meantime I've still got a few things to tweak on CoinBrag. Once that is done, I would like to tinker with a few new additions to the site that I'd been planning.

written by Nicholas

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