Help solve the mysteries of the unknown coins and earn bragger tokens!

If you are not sure of a certain coin you can skip ahead to the next coin or skip ahead further:

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Continent: *asterisk indicates the region no longer exists
Mint Mark: Leave blank if no mint mark
Variation: (optional)*errors or variants from the regular version, examples would be double die, mistrike, etc*

Optional Data

Total Minted: Leave blank if unsure. Add an asterisk if this coin shares it's mint total with another coin (such as an error variant where specific quantity is unknown)Example: 55000*

If this coin is not already in the database then you will receive 3 bragger tokens. If the coin exists, you'll get 2 bragger tokens for your troubles.

Plus! If the coin is already in the database but doesn't have a picture, you'll get 2 more bragger tokens for each picture!