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reverse The "back" side of a coin, often referred to as "tails." If a person is depicted on a coin, that side is usually considered the obverse side of the coin. When pictured side by side, usually the reverse is shown to the right of the obverse image. back tails obverse coins 2010-10-18
R# (R1-R8) Rarity scale used to rank coins with a very small population. R-1 Common over 1251 known R-2 Uncommon 501-1250 known R-3 Scarce 201-500 known R-4 Very Scarce 76-200 known R-5 Rare 31-75 known R-6 Very Rare 13-30 known R-7 Extremely rare 4-12 known R-8 Unique or Nearly So 1-3 known population Nicholas 2011-05-30
restrike A coin minted using the same dies but at a later date. frozen die Nicholas 2011-05-30
round tuit A token used to persuade an individual to perform a task. For example, Nicholas will check this glossary for errors when he gets a round tuit. token Nicholas 2011-05-30
Regular Circulating Coin A term used by CoinBrag to differentiate normal circulating currency from circulating commemorative coins. Technically any coin with a person, place or thing depicted is commemorating what is portrayed. For example in the United States, the quarter dollar coin has had George Washingon's face on the obverse side since 1932. Though most numismatists would classify the coins minted between 1932 and 1974 as well as the 1977-1998 coins as normal circulating coins while the 1976 coin is considere commemorative non-circulating commemorative numismatist Nicholas 2011-07-23

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