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J Mintmark for the cities of: Hamburg (German coins), Jubia (Spanish coins). EgCollector 2011-06-09
Japanese Invasion Money Paper money issued during WWII for use in the various countries conquered by the Japanese, intended for use by the subjugated civilian population. Notes were made along much the same style and design, for Burma, Malaya, Oceania (New Guinea and the Solomon Islands), the Philippines, and Shonan (the Japanese name for Indonesia). JIM EgCollector 2011-06-09
Jefferson nickel The Felix Schlag designed five-cent coin first struck from 1938 to date. EgCollector 2011-06-09
Jeton A French token-like counter used on a counting board. The German equivalent is "rechenpfennig". EgCollector 2011-06-09
Jew Pfennig A nickname applied to a series of evasions and tokens issued from the German city of Frankfurt in the late 1700's and early 1800's. These tokens resemble German States minor coins, but often bear fictitious denominations and coats of arms. EgCollector 2011-06-09
Jiao A secondary currency unit of the People's Republic of China, worth 10 fen or 1/10th of a renminbi yuan. EgCollector 2011-06-09
Jital A series of silver and billon coins, issued by Hindu and Muslim states in Central Asia and northern India from around 800 AD to after 1200 AD. Originally featuring a Hindu bull on one side and a king on horseback on the other, the design degraded with time, becoming more and more abstract. EgCollector 2011-06-09
Johanna Also spelled "Johannes". A predecimal gold coin of Portugal and Portuguese Brazil, issued in the 1700's and 1800's, equivalent to the Spanish 4 escudos and tariffed at 6400 reis. EgCollector 2011-06-09
jugate When two or more portraits appear side by side, as on the William and Mary coinage of Great Britain or the Alabama Centennial half dollar. EgCollector 2011-06-09

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