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Zerbe proof In 1921 the U.S. mint made a small number of proof coins of the Morgan dollar for collector and former ANA president, Farran Zerbe. All Zerbe proofs have a faint die scratch extending from the second U in UNUM to the border. Zerbe and Chapman proofs are significant as they were the only proof coins issued for the 1921 Morgan dollar. proof ANA Chapman proof Nicholas 2011-06-04
Z Mintmark for the cities of: Grenoble (French coins), Zacatecas (Spanish-Mexican coins). EgCollector 2011-08-15
Zloty The primary currency unit of Poland; there are 100 groszy to the zloty. The name derives from the old Russian unit of weight, the zolotnik. EgCollector 2011-08-15
Zs (mintmark) Mintmark for the city of Zacatecas on Mexican coins. EgCollector 2011-08-15

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