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Y Mintmark for the city of: Bourges (French coins). EgCollector 2011-08-15
Yefimok The name given to a thaler or dollar-sized coin that has been countermarked for use in Russia in the mid-1600's. EgCollector 2011-08-15
Yen The primary currency unit of Japan. Originally a large, dollar-sized silver coin on par with the Chinese yuan (from which it's name derives), and formerly divided into 100 sen, post-WWII inflation caused the yen to become a unitary currency. EgCollector 2011-08-15
Yuan The Chinese name for a dollar-sized silver coin, and the primary currency unit of the Republic of China. Communist china uses the renminbi yuan, while the Taiwanese yuan is more normally called a "dollar" today. EgCollector 2011-08-15

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