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PCGS Abbreviation for Professional Coin Grading Service. The PCGS is one of the major coin grading companies. They were also one of the first to introduce encapsulating coins after grading. Third Party Grading grade encapsulate Nicholas 2010-12-24
proof having a mirror-like finish;struck with polished dies on polished blanks. grades double mike 2011-01-12
planchet The piece of metal on which a coin design is stamped. Also known as a "blank" as the piece of metal is blank when it is stamped. blank Nicholas 2011-02-21
PVC Polyvinyl Chloride. An ingredient found in soft plastic "flip" coin holders which will damage coins over time. Nicholas 2011-05-30
population Number of coins known to exist. This number is not necessarily the total minted as coins may have been melted or otherwise destroyed over time. Grading companies will often have their own populations for each grade of a coin. grading company Nicholas 2011-05-30
pattern A prototype or trial of a new coin. Nicholas 2011-05-30
ptas abbreviation for "pesetas" often seen on Spanish coins. kowboykarl 2011-07-31

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