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non-circulating commemorative Non-circulating commemoratives are coins made by a mint that are not intended for general ciruclation. Most often the coins are sold directly to coin collectors or to an authorized coin dealer. commemorative mint circulation Nicholas 2010-10-18
numismatics Numismatics is the study or collection of currency, including coins, tokens, paper money, and related objects. Numismatists are those who take part in numismatics. Numismatics also branches into the subcategories: exonumia, scripophily and notaphily. exonumia scripophily notaphily Nicholas 2010-10-18
NGC Abbreviation for Numismatic Guaranty Corporation. The NGC is one of the major coin grading companies. Third Party Grading grade Nicholas 2010-12-24
Nagari An antiquated writing system first used in India in 750 A.D. There are a number of older coins from India that have a Nagari letter or words inscribed. Nicholas 2012-01-25
numismatist A person interested in numismatics. A collector of coins and/or another currencies. numismatics Nicholas 2012-07-15

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