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Continent: Europe
Country: East Germany
Denomination: 1 Pfennig
Year: 1977
After the Allied victory of World War II, Germany was divided into 4 provinces and it's capital, Berlin, was also divided into 4 parts. In 1949 the 3 provinces controlled by the U.S., Britain and France were combined to become the Federal Deutsche Republic, or West Germany. At the same time the remaining province which was under Soviet control because the Deutsche Democratic Republic, or East Germany. East Germany also comprised of the Soviet controlled part of Berlin. East and West Germany remained divided until 1990

East Germany used marks and pfennigs which were pegged equal to the West Germany currency. Although the official value was a 1:1 exchange, on the unofficial markets the exchange was frequently lower and West German marks were worth as much as 10 times that of East German marks.

The obverse of the coin shows the East German Coat of Arms. There is a hammer and a compass in the center which represent the industrial workers and intellectuals respectfully. Around the edge of the obverse is rye which represents the farmers. The reverse shows the denomination with oak leaves on both sides. The mint mark "A" is visible over the "1."
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