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Tue Apr 13 2010, 11:23pm
Deus Ex Machina

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Well I was browsing through the stat counter and thought maybe someone would like to see this:

Unique visits to in...

March 2008 236 People
March 2009 1,944 People
March 2010 8,276 People (total visits were 47348 but I probably just reloaded the website 39,000 times :p )

Operating systems out of 27,000 or so visitors were using:
Windows XP 56.78%
Windows Vista 29.1%
MacOS X 5.01%
Linux 1.12%
Two people actually used Windows 95 which is awesome! I hope the site looks ok.

Web Browsers are harder to track as each updated version shows separately. Internet Explorer held the top 3 places totaling over 60%. This means I need to view CoinBrag in IE more often when I am tweaking things, I would hate to break something and not realize it. is awesome, 40% of our referral traffic originates from there. gets a thank you for it's 15% and at 10%.

The list of referring countries is large as well. I won't post it here because it's too long but I may devote a separate page later on.

Hello to all of the visitors! To the CoinBraggers: your hard work is not going unnoticed. We're getting many visitors from all over the globe checking out all that you've contributed. I look forward to all of the new coins being added and I hope you will enjoy the new features I'll be continuing to add to CoinBrag!

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Wed Apr 14 2010, 12:20am
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that's awesome man, I used to use IE when I started here but switched to Chrome, I will admit it is nicer in IE because it is all fit to size automatically whereas I have to zoom or unzoom on chrome. Let's all keep up the great work and push this site to the top...
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Wed Apr 14 2010, 07:32am
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Mon Aug 01 2011, 03:59pm
Deus Ex Machina

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Joined: Sun Jul 01 2007, 10:10pm
City, State:: Ocala, Florida
Posts: 559
I realize it's been a year since I posted this but I wanted to mention that although I receive statistics like browser type and operating system, it's all anonymous.

So there's no way for me to tell if you're visiting the site with a Windows 95 computer or a new Macbook. The site tallies totals.

CoinBrag has absolutely no interest in collecting personal data. We just want your coin photos and maybe how much you paid for the coin! :)
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