News Item: Australia Releases Bush Babies II Video
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Posted by Nicholas
Wednesday 11 July 2012 - 20:13:02

Back by popular demand, the Perth Mint will be releasing 5 new 1/2 oz. silver coins starting with the kookaburra coin. Also in the series: possum, echidna, platypus, wombat. The Bush Babies coins are legal Australian tender denominated at 50 cents. Each coin will be limited to 10,000. Here's a clip from the Perth Mint.

The first coin of the series is currently priced at about $62.48 and shows as available on the Perth Mint Website

The original Bush Babies series from 2011 consisted of a koala, kangaroo, sugar glider, bilby and a dingo. Although sold out at the mint, they are Available on eBay for about $80-100 USD each. A quick search of the Completed Listings shows that those prices are actual selling prices.

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