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Nov 19
Region: Asia
Country: India
Denomination: 1 Paisa
Year: No Date
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Jodhpur Copper Paisa Coin ObverseJodhpur Copper Paisa Coin Reverse

Jodhpur State Copper coin - Nagor Mint

Jodhpur or Marwar located in northwest India was the largest Princely State in the Rajputana Agency. But with the collapse of Rathore rulers of Kannauj in 1144, the family entered Marwar, where they laid the foundation of the new state. The city of Jodhpur was founded by Rao Jodha in 1459 and the city and state were named after him. It is the second largest city in Rajasthan and is a historic city which is also known as the Sun City. Jodhpur is a very popular tourist destination with beautiful palaces and forts. The most alluring part here is its traditional lifestyle and the smiling people who are always ready to offer their help.

Jodhpur has struck many different silver and copper coins. One of the most famous coins is a hammered coin of Jodhpur State, which is a Copper Paisa of Nagor Mint. It’s an Amir Shahi coin with its weight varying from 15 – 18 grams. This piece was introduced by Amir Sinha, elder brother of Maharaja Jaswant Sinha, to whom Emperor Shah Jahan [AD 1628 - 1658] had given the pargana of Nagore in jagir.

These coins are without impress on one surface; on the other they bear an inscription in Persian characters within a square border. Kindly refer Page number 199 of "The Standard guide to South Asian coins and Paper Money" for more details about this variety.

Other than copper coins, Jodhpur has even minted many silver coins with different mints and under different rulers. The issues of these first four rulers Bijy Singh, Bhim Singh, Man Singh and Takhat Singh before 1858 AD with the AH and VS dates, as well as the regnal years, are rarely actual years and dates, but were used for many years without change and were often quite indiscriminately applied. Hence these coins until 1858 AD are not distinguished by reign, but by the type of inscription, date and mint.

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