Friday 11 June 2010
Jun 11
When I started this video I thought, "wait a second! I already watched a video about a St. Gaudens coin." I was afraid I had already posted this video, but I was wrong. Fear not, this video does not repeat too much of what was seen in earlier episodes. Mark keeps it interesting while covering another cool U.S. coin.

The video explains some of the changes that were made to the gold eagle during it's time in circulation (various years between 1907 and 1933).

One thing I was a little confused by though was when he mentioned the raised stars on the edge of the coin. Mark tells us that this is a very unusual feature not seen again until 2007 with the presidential dollar coins. I'm a bit confused though because the presidential dollar coins have an incusive design, not a raised design. I think he just meant that from 1933 until 2007, the edges of our coins have been pretty boring with either a plain edge or a reeded edge.

I know that the U.K. Has had writing on the edges of it's coins as has the USSR. Are there any other countries who've decorated their edges differently? Comment below and let us know who I am forgetting to mention. Either writing or some sort of design aside from a reeded edge.

written by Nicholas

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