Saturday 08 September 2007
Sep 08 has been massively overhauled. Your old accounts will need to be recreated. All of the data you have entered under your previous name will be credited to your new account. Just send me a message and I will credit you the bragger tokens you have already earned with your previous account.

This was a one time change. I do not expect this will happen again. I am very pleased with the new format and I think this will allow me to offer members a lot more.

One major feature is that you won't have to register twice to be able to post on the forums.

I believe this new format is much more stable and I hope you enjoy it. As always, feedback is appreciated whether it is good opinions or bad.

Happy Bragging,


written by Nicholas

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Current Coins in Circulation Among the Republic of India
Monday 15 April 2013 - 14:56:14

Here's a fairly large article covering India's modern coins. Starting with the fading 50 paise coins to the 10 rupee.