Thursday 05 July 2007
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As of 06/18/07:

Bonus bragger tokens were awarded to those who joined the website before I implemented the system. Thank you for your support!

I added a "Top 5" section for the braggers with the highest number of bragger tokens. Want to make your way to the top? Easy! Help build the coin database and price guide! Check out the page on Bragger Tokens for more information.

I also fixed a few bugs that were showing up due to the revamping I did earlier this month. If you notice any others, please e-mail me!

As of 06/17/07: has it's first contest! Check it out: Our first contest!

As of 06/07/07: has been revamped! I hope for the better. I got rid of the frames on the site and went crazy using tables. What does this mean? Well hopefully a faster and cleaner looking website. There will probably also be a few bugs still needing to be worked out.

I have been trying to build a proper affiliate system for recruiting new people to the website. If you go to your profile page, you will see a web link similar to: This link will give credit to those who help sign others up on this site.

Without being too technical, the affiliate system is not perfected yet. Everyone who refers someone will get credit however, I have to manually give the bragger tokens to each member. So if you get 10 people to join up today, it may be a day or two before you see that you've been credited for recruiting.

Member pages now say who the bragger was who referred them. If you refer someone and your name does not show up in their profile where it says, "Referred by" then please message me so I can fix it.

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As of 05/14/07:

Well I finally got one of the Standard Catalog of World Coins books. It's the 2004 edition. I managed to get it for under $15 including the shipping. It's old I know, but there was just no way I was about to pay $60 for a more current one. I don't care about the values, I am only interested in what I can borrow from the guild to use on coinbrag to enrich the database. I was a little disappointed that there's tons of coins not listed in the guide. It seems they kind of took samples from different denominations over time. They had a few helpful things in the book that I had already wanted to include on the site to help out coin collectors. This book is going to be quite helpful in getting some progress done on the site. Sadly though it's going to add to my workload as well.
  • I've increased the options for denominations when adding coins to the database. I had no idea there were so many different types of money!
  • I added a link section for sites I feel are worth sharing. I plan to add a separate section later for members to add their websites for some free advertising.
I am still working on finishing the recruiting program for the website. I hope to have the kinks worked out as soon as I can.

As of 04/22/07:

Happy Earth Day!

I have been very busy this month with other things but I have worked on the database when I could.
  • I added a privacy policy regarding e-mails. You can view our 3 line privacy policy here
  • Bragger Tokens are working! View our Bragger Tokens Page for more information on how they work.
  • I made an adjustment to the way coins are added to the coin database. There was a flaw similar to the one for adding prices that I fixed in March. This new flaw allowed braggers to add coins to the database without filling out all the important details, like country name or even denomation. Mint and Features can be left blank as some coins do not have a mint mark and features should only be used to denote a variation of the coin such as an error.
I will be working on the Bragger Token system and hope to have it completed by the end of the week. Also, I mentioned bonus tokens for those members who are already members. I have not added those yet but I know who you are and I will add them shortly.

As of 03/18/07:

I've added Bragger Tokens! This is the point system for the coin database and the price guide. At the moment everyone's profile says 0 tokens. Hopefully tomorrow I will have the totals adjusted based on participation so far. I'm also going to give a bonus to those who've already joined as braggers. So if you are not yet a member
join us quickly and get some bonus tokens!

I have also tweaked the process for adding prices to the coins in the database. There was a flaw in the system that allowed braggers to enter prices without filling in all the details, such as whether the coin was bought or sold by the bragger.

As of 03/09/07:

I added a message board onto the website. This will be a place to communicate with others in the community. You can check out the boards at Forum

I cut my finger pretty badly with a utility knife today. I had stitches and a new tetanus shot. My finger is now wrapped up thick which makes typing hard since I use that finger a lot when I type. I may not be able to update much on the site for the next week or so. But if it's a simple improvement I may work on it.

As of 03/07/07:

I added a new category to the database called "Features." This should solve the problem of similar coins being denied entry into the coin database. A few possibilities for features:

  • State Quarters. Each state could be listed in the features category
  • Error coins. If you've got a double die or some sort of variant, put it in features.
For now, features is limited to 20 characters. I figured that should be plenty.

As of 03/03/07:

YOU CAN NOW UPLOAD PICTURES! Pictures must be smaller than 50k in size. I would love to have larger pictures but with thousands of coins that's just not possible. For now there can only be one picture for the front and one of the back of the coin. This means if you want to get your bragging rights you better post those coins fast!

As of 03/01/07:

The registration script had a problem which has been fixed. I have also added some optional fields to user profiles. Many more will follow.

As of 02/25/07:

I mostly made cosmetic changes today, quite a few actually. Nothing that improved the functionality of the site but these were minor and quick fixes.

As of 02/09/07:

  • I split the denominations into two categories: Amount and type. This just makes searching for the coins easier as well as adding them.
  • I bulk added 2,000+ coins into the database. For the time being they are all U.S. coins. I had an old coin price guide for U.S. coins and entered in all the mints listed.
As of 02/05/07:
  • I removed all but two of the test coins from the database. I uploaded a couple hundred U.S. coins that are ready for pricing!
  • I simplified the "Add to DB" page by giving drop-down menus for the region and country section. This should keep people from wondering whether to enter: USA, United States, or United States of America.
As of 12/09/06:
  • User accounts have been set up. They have not yet been integrated into the database but they will be very soon!
  • I've fixed a few bugs in the coding and also cleaned up the layout a bit
As of 12/03/06:
  • The picture script wasn't working properly. Now the page searches the server to see if the picture exists, if it doesn't then it shows a badly drawn picture I made requesting a picture to be added. COMING SOON: Add your picture!
  • I decided one picture wasn't enough. There should be 2 pictures, one for the front and one for the back of the coin. 2nd picture added.
As of 12/01/06:
  • I divided the pricing information on each page to separate by online and offline as well as purchases and sales. This will help make the price guide more useful.
As of 11/25/06:
  • I've finally got the search boxes working. Now you can narrow down the search results to the country, denomination and year.
  • Each coin should have a unique "more info" page. This is where the market values for coins will be displayed as well as photos and probably a few other bits of information.

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