Friday 08 November 2013
Nov 08
Well we're now on the new server. There were some technical delays with the new server but it's working fine now. I haven't tested all of CoinBrag's features yet but I'll be doing that over the next day or two. Some things might not look 100% as they were right now but they should all be good by the end of this weekend.

I do apologize for the extended downtime of the site. I had not expected us to be down for a week. Luckily every coin, photo and post was saved.

UPDATE: It looks like at the moment it's not possible to add coins or prices to the site. I'll get this working ASAP stay tuned...

written by Nicholas

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Current Coins in Circulation Among the Republic of India
Monday 15 April 2013 - 14:56:14

Here's a fairly large article covering India's modern coins. Starting with the fading 50 paise coins to the 10 rupee.