Friday 19 July 2013
Jul 19

Silver started the year at around $31 an ounce. It's gone up and down over the past few months and about a month ago Silver dropped below $20 an ounce. At this point we're experiencing a bullion limbo and I have to ask: How low can it go? I can't remember the last time it was so affordable. For coins selling near their intrinsic value, this is definitely a much better time to buy than it was earlier this year.

So are you buying more silver coins now than you were six months ago or are you waiting to see if the price goes even lower? I asked a similar question on our forums back in 2008 when silver was under $10 an ounce. As I went back to that post every so often I would kick myself as silver rose and rose. But as many foretold, the value has come back down. So will we see $10 an ounce again in the next 18 months or will silver finally clear the $50 threshold?

I still haven't reached the level of coin collecting where I'm spending $100 or $1000 on a coin so I'm hoping the coins I'd usually buy for under $50 will be a little bit cheaper. Are you noticing lower prices?

written by Nicholas

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