Thursday 08 November 2012
Nov 08
So I was reading an article today about the National Parks Quarters. The article goes on about how the program is not nearly as popular as the Statehood Quarters were. One possible reason was that collectors were burned out after collecting all 50 states and 5 territories. The other reason proposed is what irked me. It was suggested that many of the parks chosen by states were not well-known beyond their state. Chickasaw National Park was one of the parks they mentioned as one that lacks the mainstream awareness that Yosemite or Gettysburg have. Though it may be true that many parks I am hearing of for the first time, I actually find the coins MORE appealing because I've not heard of the park. From what I've seen from a good number of coin collectors on the internet is that they enjoy learning new things. All coins have history to them and coins can open many new doors into parts of history that might not have been covered in school or at least not in depth.

So what about you guys and gals? Were you mainly hoping for the "star parks" like the Grand Canyon and Ellis Island or are you equally excited to see El Yunque? I didn't even know Puerto Rico had a national park and I feel smarter already.

To the CoinBraggers outside of the U.S.A.: I know Canada had some quarters of their own a few years back. Japan was commemorating their prefectures and I believe that series is still continuing. In the U.K. the two pound coin's reverse is different each year. Which other countries are offering commemorative series on their circulating coins and are you collecting them?

written by Nicholas

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