Friday 20 May 2011
May 20
I came up with what I thought was an odd yet fun contest. Here's what you need to do: Find 3 coins in your collection. The first coin needs to be either a denomination of 5 (like 5 centavos) or a year ending in 05 (1605, 1905, etc). The second coin must be either a denomination of 25 or be dated from a year ending in 25(1425, 1925, etc). The third coin needs to either be a denomination of 11 (rare) or a coin year ending in 11(2011, 1811, etc)

When you have your 3 coins you must photograph them together along with a note somewhere with your CoinBrag username written. I'm doing this because I don't want people copying and pasting together photos. These should be from your collection.

Here's two example pictures I made:

As you can see above we've got a coin from 2005, a 25-cent coin, and a coin dated 1911.

This example has a 5 euro cent coin, a 25-cent coin, and a coin dated 2011.
Anyone is welcome and encouraged to participate in this contest. All photos should be e-mailed to the following address:

You only have until 11:59 PM EST May 24th to enter the contest.

First Prize wins their choice of a U.S. Proof coin set or a mint set from New Zealand. How will I choose? I'll write down each name on a piece of paper, mix them well and then I'll pick one from a bowl. If more than 5 people enter the contest, then I'll pick two winners. In addition, First place will also get 50 bragger tokens added to their total. Everyone else who participates will get 15 bragger tokens added to their total!

BONUS: 20 bragger tokens to whoever can tell me something special that happened in the world of coin collecting on May 25 (it's not the upcoming CCAC meeting).

written by Nicholas

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