Tuesday 22 February 2011
Feb 22
Pretty simple contest. kaija is currently kicking all our butts with 19,557 bragger tokens. She's going to hit 20,000 sooner or later. Guess which day and win a free 1 Crown commemorative coin from the Isle of Man ($10 value). Shipped free worldwide, of course.

To enter just send me a private message with "My guess" as the subject. Then pick a date like, "February 31st" as your guess. You can enter the contest any time before kaija hits 19,900 bragger tokens. At that point only those guesses that have been submitted will be valid.

What's in it for kaija? Well if no one can correctly guess the date, then kaija will win!

You can see the listing where I bought the coin from here: Isle of Man 1 Crown Coin.

written by Nicholas

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