Dec 09
Region: Asia
Country: India
Denomination: 1 Rupee
Year: 1937
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Bikanir One Rupee Coin ObverseBikanir One Rupee Coin Reverse

Bikanir State Silver One Rupee Coin

Bikanir State which is located in Rajputana was founded sometime between 1465 and 1504 by Jodhpur Rathor Rajput named Rao Bikaji. Earlier this region was known as Jangladesh, situated in the region of North Rajasthan. This region included the present day districts of Churu, Hanumangarh, Ganganagar and Bikanir.

Bikanir came under British influence in 1817 and in 1947 it was incorporated into Rajasthan. During the British rule Bikanir nobility rendered outstanding services in the Mughal armies as both Akbar and Jahangir had contracted marriages with the princesses of Bikanir Rajputs.

Many coins were struck in Bikanir under different rulers. These rulers were Gaj Singh, Surat Singh, Ratan Singh, Sardar Singh, Dungar Singh and Ganga Singhji. The coins were minted with different mintmarks for different rulers. These mintmarks usually occur in groups on the obverse or reverse of the coins. Rupees and their fractions were probably struck every year but only a small representation of regnal year is listed.

Among these different variety of coins, ruler Ganga Singh Ji minted a one rupee silver coin with his portrait issue on the obverse to mark the 50th Anniversary of his reign. This coin is dated as VS 1994 {1937}. The approximate weight of this coin is 11.66 gms. Ganga Singh Ji was the ruler for the years VS 1944 – 1999. To know more about this coin you can refer page number 149 of “The Standard Guide to South Asian coins and Paper Money”. 1/2 mohur and 1 mohur gold coins are also minted to mark his 50th Anniversary of reign.

Another variety of the one rupee silver coin is of Queen Victoria Empress picture on the obverse of the coin and on the reverse the name of “Maharaja Ganga Singh ji Bahadur” is written with the date and name of the state mentioned.

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