Feb 21
Region: Asia
Country: India
Denomination: 1 Kori
Year: 1571
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Kutch One Kori Coin ObverseBKutch One Kori Coin Reverse

Kutch State Silver One Kori

Kutch is a state located in northwest India with Bhuj as its Capital. It falls under the district of Gujarat. The rulers of Kutch were Jareja Rajputs who originally belonged to Tatta in Sind. They conquered Kutch in the 14th or 15th century. In 1573, the Mughal emperor Akbar conquered Gujarat and with this there was a fall of the Gujarat Sultans. Rao Bharmal I, the Kutch ruler of that time visited Jahangir and established a great relationship with him. Due to this relationship Kutch was virtually left independent throughout the Mughal Period. In 1818, much of the region was divided into princely states under the domain of the British East India Company and remained as such until 1947.

At present Kutch is under the direct control of India’s Central Government. There were many rulers who ruled Kutch before India’s independence. The first coinage of Kutch was struck in 1617 A.D. The earlier Monetary System of Kutch was something like this:

2 Trambiyo – 1 Dokda
3 Trambiyo – 1 Dhingla
8 Dokda - 1 Kori

There were many series of coins struck under different rulers and most of these coins had the name of the rulers minted on the reverse of the coin in Nagari, an antiquated writing system first used in India in 750 A.D. On the obverse of the coin, the name of the Mughal Emperor was minted. Most of these coins were dated. Among these different series of coins, a common coin is 1 Kori of the ruler Desalji. This is a small silver coin with pictures of a trishula and a katar on the obverse. Both the trishula and the katar are traditional weapons of India. On the reverse of the coin “Rao Shri Desalji” is written in Nagari. The approximate weight of this coin is 4.6 grams. This coin was dated as AH978 {frozen}(1571 AD/CE). To know more about this coin you can refer page number 208 of “The Standard Guide to South Asian coins and Paper Money”.

Under Desalji’s rule many more varieties of coins were minted like 1 Trambiyo, ½ Trambiyo, Dokdo, Dhinglo, 1/4th Kori, ½ Kori and 1 Kori.

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written by Nicholas