May 01
I'm not sure when but sometime in the near future there may be some downtime for CoinBrag. I use a content management system to handle some parts of this website and every so often I update the software.

So what will be changing? For the most part it will just be cosmetic. All of our searching and browsing for coinbrag is 100% original code by me. We do get some spam bots from time to time that comment on news posts and on the forums. This update will once again make it harder for them to post on our site for a while.

So anyway, if you're a regular visitor to this site and one day it's down, don't worry: that just means I broke the website and I'm in between tweaking code and pulling my hair out.

I have a couple of new coin articles I'll be posting this month as well.

written by Nicholas


double mike Says:

I thought you already pulled it all out...

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Nicholas Says:

Yeah the spam is usually deleted. Sometimes though it comes more frequently and then it becomes tedious to remove.

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