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buck Buck is a slang term for a dollar or similar currency in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Philippines, Sri Lanka, South Africa and the United States. Nicholas 2010-12-21
bullion Bullion usually refers to precious metals such as gold or silver before it has been minted into coins. bullion value Nicholas 2011-05-30
bullion value A coin's bullion value is the value of the metal used to make the coin. This is also known as a coin's intrinsic worth. intrinsic Nicholas 2011-05-30
business strike A coin intended for general circulation. Nicholas 2011-05-30
bust A portrait on a coin, usually including the head, neck and upper shoulders. Nicholas 2011-05-30
Bu Japanese gold and silver coins minted in the period of 1573-1860. EgCollector 2011-06-09
BU rolls Wrapped coins (usually in paper) in specific quantities for each denomination. Fifty for cents, forty for nickels, fifty for dimes, forty for quarters, and so on. EgCollector 2011-06-09
buckled die A die that has "warped" in some way, possibly from excess clashing, and that produces coins which are slightly "bent." This may be more apparent on one side and occasionally apparent only on one side. EgCollector 2011-06-09
Budju Small silver coin from Algeria, from the 19th century first in 1808-1830, they had a value of 24 kopper mazunas. EgCollector 2011-06-09
Buffalo nickel Slang for the Indian Head nickel struck from 1913 to 1938. The animal depicted is an American Bison. EgCollector 2011-06-09
bulged die A die that has clashed so many times that a small indentation is formed in it. Coins struck from this die have a "bulged" area. EgCollector 2011-06-09
bullion coin A legal tender coin that trades at a slight premium to it's melt value. EgCollector 2011-06-09
Bun Popular name for the bronze pennies of queen Victoria of England made from 1860 till 1894. EgCollector 2011-06-09
Burgundies guilder See Andries gulden. EgCollector 2011-06-09
Burnished This word has two distinct meanings in the world of numismatics, so you have to consider the context in order to discern the correct meaning. The word "burnished" can refer to specially prepared planchets (usually 18th century) that were used for specimen coins or other special coins of the era. These planchets were burnished at the Mint prior to the striking of the coin. As a second meaning, "burnished" can refer to any coin that was abrasively cleaned after it left the Mint, and the word is of EgCollector 2011-06-09
burnishing A process by which the surfaces of a planchet or a coin are made to shine through rubbing or polishing. This term is used in two contexts - one positive, one negative. In a positive sense, Proof planchets are burnished before they are struck - a procedure done originally by rubbing wet sand across the surfaces to impart a mirror like finish. In a negative sense, the surfaces on repaired and altered coins sometimes are burnished by various methods. In some instances, a high-speed drill with some EgCollector 2011-06-09
burnishing lines Lines resulting from burnishing, seen mainly on open-collar Proofs and almost never found on close-collar Proofs. These lines are incuse in the fields and go under lettering and devices. EgCollector 2011-06-09
burnt Slang for a coin that has been over-dipped to the point were the surfaces are dull and lackluster. EgCollector 2011-06-09
Bust dollar Slang for silver dollars struck from 1795-1803. (Those dated 1804 were first struck in 1834 for inclusion in Proof sets. Those Proofs dated 1801, 1802, and 1803 were also struck at dates later than indicated.) EgCollector 2011-06-09
Butut Smallest currency unit of Gambia, struck sinds 1971, there are coins known of 1, 5 and 10 butut. EgCollector 2011-06-09
bullion round A precious metal such as silver, gold, platinum or palladium that has been shaped to resemble a coin. Bullion rounds are frequently made by private companies to resemble past or present legal tender. bullion bullion value Nicholas 2011-07-23

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